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Saturday, September 11, 2010

AH. I feel the same way Rhod and can scarcly disagree. Yet a few years back and I will restate it here. Lets turn the middle east into a glass parking lot? Or not fight then at all. Or how about this. Conventional carpet bomb them back to the stone age or not fight them at all? Why are we trying to use a scalple on a tumor the size of a basket ball when we should be packing it full of radiation?

Why are we trying to sort out the good from the bad? Maybe to assuage our own guilt. Don't get me wrong. I am not a Chicken hawk. I have done my time and have indeed had to hang my arse out there. And would do so again if need be.
Maybe you are right bout this not being about religion....for us. For us it is about making sure that no one wants to do that again, aka revenge. Except on this day we were attacked and that attack was all about their religion for them.

We are just whacking the bees nest and this ain't going to be over just because we pull out of the middle east.
We all who come here an make the effort to grace civility know this, somewhere in our hearts.
I support the pastors right to burn that Koran or whatever. I am really saying that because our Constitution gives him the right to do so. But is not the overriding theme of this article whether he should or not. Ethicality; which is in the eye of the beholder, it is hypocritical by Jesus if he does. Turn the other cheak. As exemplary as it is, by the spirit of the constitution; he should not. I said this to my wife I hope he does go through with it. Of course my feelings are in contrast with my mind. My heart says blow them all to hell; women and children too, but there in lay the rub with my savior, Jesus. I can't do that... so I'll not say that. We'll get our chance. Mark my words.

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