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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oil inventories high

Not a sign that the economy is out of the recession.

Oops the crooks in the Republican party are smoked.......out.

The Republicans are running scared.....too late. Should of listened to an old mans wisdom. Keep the people fat, dumb, and happy. Gotta have all three. Right now they are fat, not so dumb, and very unhappy. The Republicans seeing the writing on the wall are coming out with their own Gingrich like contract with America.... Weeeee don't care..... Hey I have an idea..... No corporation may hire and maintain a lobbyist nor should there be any industry lobbyist for any industry. Why you might ask? Because though a corporation is treated; for tax purposes as if they were a living person, they are not a living person. That may solve all of this corrupt behind the scenes compromise shit that is business as usual, problem we are having in politics..

Want the crazy side of the picture. No? Too bad. I am going to tell it anyway.... See I have decided that this third beast is a corporate animal. Carnivorous in nature. Stalking and trying to take as prey the weak and infirmed of the herd. It is like a leopard with 4 heads. The United States of America is the main host of this animal and as such the American people have graciously granted it guesthood. The leopard has overstayed it's welcome and now it is time for it to go....or we will kill it, just like we killed the first two animals that rose up out of the sea....The Lion and the long as the Leopard was useful and contributed it was allowed to stay. We the people are now officially tired of it's shit. We shall no longer tolerate it's treating the Constitution as inconvenient.

Back on the ground.....heh heh.......this is called fill the blank the tea party is a movement, what I mean is, it is the revolt....... compromised of course. Instead of the violence of the 60's it is the same thing only compromised in a way that it is simply nonviolent. We the people; for the 4th time in a century are telling the politicians to ________, We are telling the ideologues to _______. We the People are telling the liars and the sons and daughters of the liars ________......... We are telling the greed mongers to _______!!!!!.....

Oh wait, Warren Buffet says what? Were still in a recession? Huh.
He defines a recession as this: "It ends when real per capita gross domestic product returns to its pre-downturn level. "

Life must have been real crapppy in Geroge Eliots day. Never been to a real Irish Funeral either.

Worldly faces never look so worldly as at a funeral. They have the same effect of grating incongruity as the sound of a coarse voice breaking the solemn silence of night.
George Eliot (1819-1880)

When I die have a drink. Or nothing. I am not going to care.

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