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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What did I say 13 years ago? Huh? What did I say!!!!

As the US loses influence....MHWHAHAH HAH!!!!!!! Nya nya can't touch this, na na na nant, na nant, na nant, can't touch this...... I think it is totally appropriate the Hillary; who was apart of being in on the ground floor to the demise of America's abroad influence, gets the giant snub from....... of all places, Brazil.....

And all of those nuttso demoncrats who had such ideals about American version of utopia har finding out that other nations do not want the American fuck-o-crats idea of utopia....

I can't even begin to tell you fucking idiot o crats how satisfying it is to see this in writing....

You know what else I told big brudder. I said, "you would do it to yourselves". BTW. Bill Bullshit Clinton was in office 13 years ago.

This is what grey gets you. A parsimonious article where the individuals are trying their damnedest to be objective. Instead of behaving like the citizens they are making decisions....that's right we the People are the decision makers. No wonder Vegas popularity is waning..... The closest this article comes to stating the obvious is using the word 'mistaken'. When the fuck do we start using the words liars, perjurers, and criminally negligent, or murders!
Well....I am not one of those who suffers from the fear of saying what this is. 'Cover up' is not the strongest word but it is all I got.

Government negligence at a local, state and federal level........ It is this very same government negligence that continues to lead to the invasion that is to come.

....Where is the link? Lost the link. No I didn't......I ain't puttin it up there.

I wish to God that I knew for absolute sure I would be alive when it happens; so I could watch, as a man, with abject satisfaction the death of lying arsed bullshit in America.

The truth reigns,
under love,
and God,
is the purveyor,
of light and love,
that comes with,

Why the hell do I torture myself by reading this.............? Why is it taking so long to get the PC game I want to play out so I can play myself into an ignorat stupor? I don't drink...............

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