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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ah ha hmm ahhh.

I want to make sure to remind people about how I feel. I am not queer/gay and I do not believe in faggot marriage. And truth be told the poll sited in this article is probably bullshit. If I asked a hundred Christians or a thousand of them if they believed in faggot marriage they would say no they don't. The only good thing about faggots getting married is they can't replace their culture. Bye bye faggot culture.
Faggots can't replace themselves anyway.

Aaaaand the borders go up.....What have I been saying to one worlders.....BWHAHAHAHAHA! I ma right and God wins. Can't go against God or God's nature/law....formerly called mother nature/natural law.

White Christian birth rates are above the level needed to maintain it's culture.... YOU CAN"T MAKE UNSUPPORTED STATEMENTS LIKE THAT... some might say. Uh actually I can and just did.... I have never been wrong..... However..... I did spend the morning looking through several search engines to try and find the statistic. Or an article with the statistic. No luck there. So I just made a bold prophetic statement.

Rumble....What WAS that? Did you feel that? Karen; "I don't know". Must of been an earth quake. I swear.....Oklahoma has been having many earthquakes in an area between OKC and Tulsa..... Makes me wonder what is going on. I wonder if there is a new volcano trying to find it's way to the surface. Be cool and terrifying at the same time. We could be experiencing geologic history unfolding.

Bam...........! just hit the news....A 4.5 on the richter scale just happened near Norman Oklahoma.
Now it is reported as a 5.1 which sets a record....No wonder I felt it so good here in Muskogee.

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