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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gays in the military

You know what is stupid about that CNN poll Crickmore.? It is half arsed. The don't ask don't tell policy is about keeping your ****life to yourself because in war; for Americans, sex and military actions do not go together.
Garandfan is also right; the day you put pen to paper, you put your civil right on hold for the duration of your military commitment. In fact you sign your life away to defend everyone else's right to point out and defend halfassed opinion polls. Let me make this even more clear. While in the military you are saying that your commander controls EVERY aspect of your life. All encompassing absolute; every. The only thing you may get to do, is lobby for the relieving of your commander if it turns out he is about to be disobedient and treasonous to the units mission, which is the defense of the constitution.
I think Garandfan has been there and so have I, and I observed it to the tee.

The Federal Judge who stupidly just ruled against the Gays in the military law(don't ask don't tell) would mean that the military could go back to hunting down Gays and getting rid of them. Soo If anyone asks me, the government should appeal that stupid judges ruling.

I don't think anyone should be living their lives based on opinion pols. I think opinion polls have value in that they can help people relate or maybe not feel alone in their views but outside of that depending upon the pollster view and whether they are trying to manipulate the populace or not is something for the populace to decide and I think that the pollsters have long since discredited themselves as a whole putting themselves on a case by case at best with the people and ignorable at worst. In the case of CNN's pole I believe it to have asked if people should allow gays to serve openly. I don't know who the 80 percent that they asked were; but the only reason that gays should be allowed to openly serve is so they will be openly slaughtered in battlle thereby relieving this openly non gay society that is the United States of America of their presence in our society.

Let me remind you people that homosexuals are slaughtered by muslims.

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