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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Two old chipmonks

Said; "you first", "no you first"...together then....and got jammed in the door. Still didn't spend the money. US firms have one trillion in cash they won't spend because of the uncertainty in the economy.....Da da daaaaa da, d da daaa daa, da dada daaa daa, da dada daaaa. I wonder why? Why is there so much uncertainty of where to spend the money.... simple.... because corporation's know that if they build a factory they would have to sit on it for 2 to 5 years while employment nationally gets back to norm..... Might not happen....not without a war....which is coming....

In 1994 I said the cure is a nuclear war. What would be good about a nuclear war? Well it would blow the guts out of the source of rot we have in this country. Kind of like debriding a festering wound. Urbanizim. Ya that's right we have become so urbane but is is more like too many rats in a cage....People have begun to cannibalize.

I was watching the old survivor show.... Every time the people start out at the beginning getting rid of the most industrious individuals because they are a "threat".... Too many rats.....

Social scientists would say that getting along is a necessary societal survival trait.... Boring.

It is not the color of the wig but the color of the hair underneath that matters. Short black and straight.... She got paid to do that.... Smells like Soros.

I wrote a series of article's a half a decade ago about What the bible says concerning a meteor hitting the earth, I guess it is a good thing that scientists are looking at neo's. Problem is the Bible is not talking about asteroids but meteor's. Of course I don't really have any guess as to what the minimum size of an asteroid is vs maximum for a meteor. Revelations calls it like unto a mountain, burning with with fire. I wonder if it is a high in potassium or sulfur......would explain the burning with fire, or simply friction caused by passing through the atmosphere, also the bitterness of the fallout is a key{wormwood= alkaline} .
I once heard that the average large mountain had a base of about 25 miles. I also got a hold of some average speeds and and potential energy release data. A meteor of 500 feet in diameter traveling at 50,000 mph would cause a blast of 60,000 million tons of TNT. Striking the earth in the Pacific ocean the vapor debris and fallout cloud would cover 1/3 of the earth.
I really don't think we have as much to worry from asteroid or planetoid sized objects in our lifetimes so much as the smaller ones.

Now I am calling a five hundred foot in diameter interplanetary object a meteor. Scientist don't call that a meteor but an asteroid. So ok a freaking asteroid five hundred feet in diameter.

You know what that crap is? People trying to make a name for themselves by relabeling shit so they can say; "heyI got this relabeled". Pisses me off. Effin idiots. If you can't take what you have learned and add more knowledge to it then you ain't learned mor'n shit. Stupid.

You know what conservatism really is. It is just that. Taking what you have learned and adding more information to it. Not trying to redefine every effin thing. A dumb shit says to me once "life is complicated". No it ain't; you live or you don't,. and it really is that simple. We complicate life but life is just there. These over educated ninnies just make life more difficult when the fact is they should not.

A talent is a talent. A gift is a gift. Teaching a gift, now there is the difficulty. Lets face it, If I have a gift for something you really couldn't have it now can you? I can teach it, but can you really learn it?

Up until I was 36 I used to just tell people stop doing this or stop doing that. Jesus people used to complain to me saying I can't stop doing this or that. Well do you like doing this or that? It is like drinking and getting drunk. If you don't like the long term affects of the hangover then why the hell do they drink to begin with? Because they are effin crazy, that's why. I used to drink and get drunk once in a while. Most of the time I wouldn't even get a hangover. When I had a couple of nasty hangovers, I pretty much stopped drinking. It weren't no fun anymore and I didn't really like the hangover. Same thing with everything else. Smoking. I; by the grace of God don't like heavy smoking anymore. I am now down to 1/3 to 1/2 a pack of cigarettes a day. Why? I don't like the medium and long term effects.

Back to meteor's.....I go around looking for a good or stable definition for meteor's and I find that the scientific world has become so ambiguous about the definition. Put a number to it and call it one or something. Who gives a about the appearances; just put a number to it, call it one and be done with it and move on.....Plato and Socrates both found out the hard way that debating an issue until it becomes some kind of mush never leads to life, only boring grey soup that nobody likes. And when enough nobodies didn't like it.... well it was drink the hemlock or else.

My definition for a meteor will be; any natural object less than 1000 feet in diameter, and bigger than a single molecule, in transit from space to earth.
Anything bigger gets labeled Planetoid or big assed death event, BAD event, or BADE(cause there ain't gonna be anybody left alive to care after it anyway). Funny. Maybe that is where bad comes from. Freaking acronym we turned into a word. Like; always is not, became ain't.

Bottom line is; it is not the somebodies of men that you have to worry about, it is the number of nobodies.

How about this. The more nobodies you have the more the somebodies have to worry. The more somebodies you have the less the somebodies have to worry. So make more somebodies, and that gives the nobodies hope that they too may become somebody some day.

That is also why God made it so easy to become a Christian. He set the bar so high that no man but one which, was himself would ever attain; plainly forgives everyone for not attaining his level of perfection, yet in his perfection accepts everyone who only achieves the minimum level of belief, and doesn't expect that any will ever be as perfect as Jesus. That is why Christians are not as worried. While the world tries to make everyone else a nobody, God made any/all who accept his forgiveness by Jesus, somebody. Whatever or whoever in the world is left, gets burned up.

Giant exhale.

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