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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Here is a progress report on my backyard work in pictures

As with anything there must be a discovery. I had heard rumors that there was some paver blocks up under the grass but I had not found any outside of the fence. Quite by accident; while I was leveling up some ground for a pool for my wife that she might get some kind of exorcise; I plunked my shovel down randomly near the fence, it struck something hard. Some random probing revealed that whatever it was, it covered an area about 8x30. Uncovering a small area revealed that there were old paver bricks overgrown by grass about 2 inches down.

I scraped the sod off the top and started pulling the bricks out, rinsing them off, and stacking them up. While gestating the idea of what to do with them. I started with a side walk which expanded to the possibility of a patio.

Here you can see a trough which seems to be for drainage and track for the leantoo's sliding door. I have left it in place mainly because I would destroy the brick trying to get them up and I can't see the need to go to all that work for likely no gain.

Side walk first though.

During the summer when temperatures were scorching, I laid off the outdoor work but now that it is fall I have finally made some good progress on the walk.

The walk complete except for an adjustment here and there which I should get around too.

Here I put an outline so I could get an idea what it might look like....for fun.

Now to attack the patio in earnest. I think I will come up a little short on paver brick but for a few dollars more I will be able to get it done. I am having fun with this. So far the job has cost nothing. even the sand for the job is left over from the pool work except I have to move the pool anyway as you can see it impinges on the area I would like to construct the patio. So what I am going to do is use the sand for the pool there under the patio. You can also see that by God I had put plastic down under the pool and it is making for a relatively easy use of the sand. The grass will grow back what was under the pool. So I am good to go there too.

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