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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Now for my controversy

THIS PROBABLY NEEDS EDITING: I'll get to it later right now I got to take care of personal bidness. Got to pay some bills.

The People are still pissed. Do not for one goddamned minute think that this is carte blanch Republicans. Don't go back to your back room dealing ways. George Soros and one worldism is getting his ass kicked because the dumbfucker thought to force people into poverty, to force people into a choice of socialism. However The democrats and one worlders and accompanying sycophants Ain't got shit on Ronald Reagen's right righteous fairness.

This is a Republic under the constitution and will REMAIN a republic under the constitution. That also means this bullshit interpreting we got going on with the constitution is going to go the FUCK away. The constitution says what it means and means what it say's. No amount of parsimonious bullshit twisting; Like saying (with proud condescension) well the founder's meant; BULLSHIT. The founder could write all the bullshit they wanted but the constitution says what the aggregate total meant to say. No amount of cutting and pasting bullshit together will allay the people's suspicion that not all things are right. They will instinctively KNOW that something is not right. I think when Barak Obama ran for office that he thought that to bullshit Americans was how you got into office. Once in there you could change things however you wanted to. Oh how fucking hard on the poor poor bleepocrats phychis it must be to learn that that just is not how the fuck it is. When 80 percent of the people want prayer in school then by God make a non exceptional amendment to the constitution that makes for prayer in school.
When 80 percent of THE PEOPLE think its a good idea to not let gays be married. Then don't make any fucking allowances for gay marriage.
I will tell you all one more time what the American people do not want. In capital letters.


I said this over at a an others blog. Take the broadest possible meaning to the constitution and you will get it. No trampling upon another part of it will make it right.

I tell you what! We were a better country back in the day when when everyman carried a gun and the only problem we had was figuring out whether it was self defense or not. The initial ASSUMPTION is self defense, and innocence.

Now a philosophical quote:

Standing armies can never consist of resolute robust men; they may be well-disciplined machines, but they will seldom contain men under the influence of strong passions, or with very vigorous faculties.
Mary Shelley (1797-1851

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