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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tax cuts? Tax cuts. Yeah tax cuts.

Ok Tax cuts....

Because the attitude of the people has been compromised, nobody knows how to cut taxes. Why? Because if you think about it taxes are low; and the Keynesian model, which uses the logic if you got more you can pay more, ultimately is unfair, yet people who got money pay for access and donate large sums of monies to politicians (backdoor bribery) to get them special loopholes.

In the end not only do the top 2 % of income earners spend millions on fake tax schemes; which is a waste of money that could be other wise used to generate real jobs. Which amounts to an actual higher tax rate than a simple 10% for them with a poverty exclusion. So the Keynesian model engenders corruption; not honesty, integrity, and truth.

BTW My wife says I am all about the money but the truth is I am all about the good that money can do, but as we see here in America love of money corrupts. I don't love money. It is just a medium of exchange and nothing more to me. Like everything else if the medium becomes polluted and the whole system corrupt, then it fails.

Because the people are not apprised of the necessity of paying attention to the simplicities they then support by default the complexities. Which would be okay if things were being allowed to stratify and separate but then we got intellectuals who want to keep the pot stirred confusing those of lessor education.

That is not going to get them in trouble with the people but with other nations. Leading to the invasion to rid the world of what; it has no real idea, but it will be based upon money, and done under the guise of whatever ideological maxim trumped up over seas.

We have had our revolt 150 years ago. The stench of slavery now becoming a memory finally. Now we have another stink. A festering wound called monetary dishonesty. And like dead tissue God is going to debride us by invasion and slaughter.

It cometh in the darkness of deceitful hearts but in the light of a rainy day.

The end of the world cometh not but by coruption.


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