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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Facinating questions

Registering as Creek or any other native American is purely voluntary. You cannot receive any of the benefits due per the treaty if you do not register. Unlike any ethnic group registering as native American is not ethnic it is declaring a nationality. Even though the Indian Nations are allowed to vote in the US, they are yet separate nations. they are currently working to gain UN recognition as such. I am interested and think that they actually should.

There was a set of articles in the paper this year in which a native American went over seas and made an attempt to enter a country on their own papers. Kind of threw the bureaucracies for a loop. I think it is well misunderstood that natives here have retained their identity and in some respect their nationality.

As far as my wife and her situation she cropped up with a mental diagnosis a few years after we got married which might help you see she is not so well and it makes for a difficult marriage. Yet I choose not to divorce her, as I feel that I made the commitment to her, and that cannot change. I feel strongly about things like that and if it killed me I yet should stay the course. If she chose to leave and such so be it.

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