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Friday, December 17, 2010

If she doesn't send me a check

I will assume the worst and press on.

The last time they stopped Niagra it looked like this.

So I have to recall a famous old saying. I seem to be in the middle of a page....
I will recount her main failings. She has a mental diagnosis. A part of which is ultimate selfishness. In her way she is a bully. Stepping all over people around her as if they somehow owe her. Whoever is near her is at fault. It is apart of her illness.

My mom has recovered her faculties and as far As I can report she is still according to my sister likely on 4 liters of Oxygen. Not a good sign. Every time she gets an infection for some reason her whole body goes into a faux allergic reaction, and she has had a lot of bladder infections in the last 3 years. A lot. I fear the worst one day........The machine we have here puts out as high as 5 liters. I say that because my sister says mom just called her and told her she wants to come home.....That sounds like an ohhhhh.....

The body does not want to die except when it is to painful to live.....I want my mom to live. I want my mom to want to live.

I want my wife to be reasonable, frugal, and sane.... It makes me want to run far away from these women who have; in times past or currently, want to die. I would; metaphorically, give up my left nut that they should find the joy of life in sanity.

I do not see life as something inane but something that takes in the joy of living even if you can do nothing; in our appearance, we owe it to our children to live, to want to live, and to go on living. Whether it is an existence life or not. We owe; only that, to all men, who have been been imbued by God with life.

Let that put to rest for all time; whether it be the spirit, or the flesh, what I support or believe about life living.

In this am warrior against all who think that they find life in others deaths.

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