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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Paying it forward

This is what it is all about. Not only did the man will a sum of money about town; but the people who received the money invested it towards the future as well.

I just plain old think that is awesome.

Next: Some people may wonder what I did when I was in the Air Force. So here. I was in the
Air Force's version of base engineering. Our primary wartime task was BRAAt (base recovery after attack), and bare base build up.

The cold war is over, and I can tell you we were tasked with an assigned base in Italy; that was of the necessary length airstrip, but bare bones otherwise. It was expected that we would be faced with an NBC environment, especially radiation contamination. We were one of four Air Force Reserve, Civil Engineer Prime BEEF units, fully trained, equipped, and prepped to be anywhere in the world in 24 hours from the moment of the phone rang, to touch down in a foreign land.

We weren't good, WE WERE THE BEST.

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