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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Up date

My mother confirms she is registered as 1/32. She also confirms that her granddad was registered as 1/8 but and he is the one who told her her grandmother(needs confirmation whether it were he grandmother or great grandmother) was registered as 1/4 but he thought she had lied about how much she was by at least one hundred percent. In other words she had to be at least half Indian.

She also relayed and interesting anecdote about how the natives lied about how much Indian they were in order to vote. Grandpa Bennett was working for the census one day and had gone to a house of native Americans to get their information, and he found that some of the kids were 1 quarter Indian, and some were half Indian, and some were full blood..... It is silly; but back in those days the advantages were they could claim just about anything, by saying well we got one of those living here; does that count?


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