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Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Pres says something......

That for him and the left is ridiculous to say.... He says the nation "needs" to be healed....Yeah, coming from a man who serves from the party that tried to divide ,deride, and conquer that is going to be one of those no goes.

Coming from the Democrats and the left wing @%$&UY^ ain't going to happen. All they know how to do is tear down, they would'nt know a thing about building up. Not one effin thing.

I wanted to lead this smoothly into an anecdote about when I was young, and how it all worked out; but instead this is going to take a sharp 90, and slash right into it.

At the age of 18 my first job right out if high school was with Gotham Roofing. I worked with them all. The communists, the dope heads, the socialists, the Catholics, atheists, you name it they were there. Old classmates, former alumni from my high school. Playboys, Christians, and drunks, comspiracy theorists, and the nuts.

We talked about everything under the sun....We lauged and joked got, mad at each other, but we kept on working as hard, and with good natured competition as we could. We wanted to see who could do it faster and better. It didn't matter if my boss could lay them faster than me and straighter than me all day; and that he would do it faster than me tomorrow. We just did. We loved it...It was fun, it was a joy. It was a great joy..... I miss them days..... The days of the joy of busting ones ass with eager coworkers that also busted their ass for the meager paycheck. We were all in it together. The right the left and the in between.

I wish I knew for sure what the ef happened to this country but I know one thing for a fact. The god damned Democrats who are the ones who tried with all there effin might to divide this country are not going to be the ones to reunite it. The same dumbass-ocrats who try to divide rich from poor, haves and have nots, Husband from wife, children from family, black from white, native from land. English from Spanish. Educated from not...... Worker from job...Elite from nobodies.

EF off. EF off Democrats, just EF off.

The People now see you idiots for who you are........

I am sorry about that judge and that child and that congresswoman, But Democrats......You reap what you sow.... And you eat what you harvest...... don't like it?, better plant something else next time....Oh wait.....what you planted and are harvesting is killing you. Should of planted sweet corn rather than bitter root. I can't help you; I don't want to help you, and now that your era is dead, or dieing, there is nothing that I can do but watch you all drown in your own filth.....

This coming from a guy who is an unemployed, blue collar nobody..... I am the worker, hear me roar.

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