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Sunday, April 5, 2009


All of my life I just wanted people to be happy. I have never specified. It makes me happy to make other people happy, to get them to laugh..........There is a big butt coming here though.

I have discovered happiness is not all that there is. That Love is greater and The love of God is even greater. And where I am happiest is talking about God, his love. I Am also a failure at this today because I have let the world stop me from talking about him even though I still talk about him every time I think of it and it bothers me when I forget to.

Thirteen years ago I lay on my living room floor in the throws of the agony of love. I loved God so much that it was painful. I was begging God to take me out to let me share the beauty of the love that I had for him. To do his service even though I did not know how or what to say. To sow his word with people and to share with them the peace that a clean soul and heart gives them. The Joy of being born again. The joy of the free gift of knowing that I was saved for ever and free from the shackles that the world tries to bind a man with. The love of acquisition, the love of getting. My search for the unattainable by men was over. No matter what I had achieved, it paled in comparison, I found my happiness.

Love of God.

I am happiest when I am doing this. Talking to you about God.

I have a list of things that God wants from you.

*Give to the poor.
*Cheerfully give to the poor.
*Give to the poor out of the love that is in your heart.
*Give to the poor because you love God.
*Tell people that God loves you.
*Tell them He longs for the day that he and you can be together forever.
*Tell them that until then he has a job for you. Of giving to and sharing with others who it has not been reveled to yet that God loves them and is there for them if they will accept even this about him.

The old adage still lives. It is better to give than to receive.

Ask Ty on Extreme Home Makeover. Ask anyone who has become wealthy who suddenly takes and interest and directly participates with their hands in giving.
I know of a billionaire who has become addicted to giving and has given now one half of his fortune and works to make more so he can give more. Ask Ted Turner who gave a huge portion of his fortune if by some miracle it did not come back to him. Ask them if they also received a bonus in internal freedom. A freedom inside that comes from God only.

Yes it is all his. All the love, all the freedom, all the peace, all the money. Give to them who have not so that God may give to you of his unlimited stores.

Best of all give out of love. My heart belongs to God. Because of the intransigence of men and there lack of appreciation of what I once desired I no longer care about whether or not they are happy. What I do care about constantly is whether or not I make God happy.
In a sense I don't care about mankind but and yet in a round about way as God loves mankind so do I, I just go through God now to do it. You may give me the credit but that would misplace it because ultimately it is God that loves you not me. In my way I am just a selfish individual living a fallible life and desiring my attention and love is false and faulty on your part; but if you desire my attention because you realize the he who is greater than all that we know is, will minister to you through me then you are one step closer to internal utopia. The kingdom of heaven.

My prayer for all of you now is see and read this and may your souls and spirits be fed by this. May you be refreshed and renewed. May your hearts be cleansed so that the love of God may flourish in you and you too come to understand that the rebirth of you is forever.

If I would die today and these were the last things I could say, this is what I want my epithet to read.

And this is what I would want on my gravestone: If you came here looking to see my resting place I am not here, but in my true home which is in Heaven with my Father. I owe my thanks to Jesus whom made this possible and As Jesus is alive so am I.

So I sit and yet I wait on the Lord to send me out to do his works.

I am happy to wait upon the Lord.
I am exceeding glad to tell you this.

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