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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

You cannot legislate emotion

This happened in GB but I have also seen the effort here.

You can only legislate actions. You can not even legislate primitively such as conspiracy. Eventually evil men will figure out that they can use the conspiracy to do something and lie saying that someone was going to do something that the person had no intention of doing.

The only thing you can legislate for is what was done.

If someone sprayed a message of hatred on a wall somewhere that was not their property the only thing they can be charged with in this country is for messing up somebodies wall.

We in the U.S. have gone way beyond constitutional boundaries by trying to legislate emotion. We have also tried to legislate the future of things by saying that if something has a potential for evil then we should not allow it. I think my nation has gone nuts. We risk making this nation a nation of zombies walking; Walking!,......shuffling about with droopy shoulder afraid to say anything to anybody or do anything for fear of being accused of hating someone or something.
This nation did not become great by being afraid to say things even hateful things. God!,
we became great because we could say what we wanted, even hateful things and then had the power to defend ourselves from physical attacks.

Who let the nuts run this nuthouse anyway.

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