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Thursday, May 14, 2009


Warning language in this article may tend to offend and it is intentional.

I am going to say some cuss words with this entry.

I heerd that GM is going to bring 10% more of the automobiles it sells in this country from outside sources.

Uh ok. That should whack the people who would buy their cars in the ass. That is the spank you Americans for buying American RIGHT? I guess it takes geniuses to really F--- things up. Oh wait a minute I'm a genius. Mwa! You wouldn't want me making those decisions would you? No! Then you wouldn't want them to either.

It takes an idiot to F--- something up but to destroy something it takes a genius.

If you God damned geniuses keep sending the jobs to another country which takes the incomes away from the people who would purchase your vehicles; and the drop in your vehicle sales didn't give you a hint over the last 5 years, and you F---ing geniuses didn't learn from that,? then it won't matter how much money the tax payers via the United States Government kicks in, YOU will vanish from the industrial scene and there is nothing you can do about it.

I remember working a union job at a concrete pipe plant and if any of you ever worked around a port city anywhere in this world you know that in general the language is s a l t y.

Workers; you know, they do little minor dumb things and I was no different. When I used to screw up I would; upon recognition, walk around making a pseudo sound like a chicken only with an f in front like this. F--- f--- f--- f---. Sounded like a chicken clucking only I was cussing my mistake. People I worked with thought it was funny.

There was a time in my life when a sentence wasn't complete with out a cuss word. I'm noticing that no f---ing body listens to me unless I cuss. OK. Cussing doesn't change my salvation, but any who would judge me for it might have theirs changed.

You goddamn geniuses should be walking around clucking like that.

Other what the hell news:

Home repos up and jobs losses I heard on the morning news still above 600,000. Gotta have jobs for all those average people because prosperity comes from the bottom up not the top down.
that means making made in America means something again doesn't it President Obabma,? Or did you cave to those F---ed up one worlders? You know the ones who want to drop all borders cause they saw a picture they took from outer space and decided that if God wanted borders he would have made some naturally.

Trickle down works as long as it is allowed to trickle down but that isn't so right now.

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