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Friday, May 15, 2009

What to do about the cost of hospitalization

I have a personal testimony concerning the cost of health care.

In 1979 I ended up with a mild case of blood poisoning from a puncture wound that later in the day became soaked in diesel fuel. I went to the emergency room right after work which was treat and release. Cost, 25.00 dollars.

In 1992 I again went to an emergency room for a treat and release (probably appendicitis).
Cost 150.00 dollars.

Around 2004 I ended up in the emergency room and was released again(this time under a doctors care) which I later had surgery.

Cost 1500.00 dollars, just for the emergency room.

The rate of inflation from 1978 till now would have made this last visit 75 dollars; a liberal figure, plus ex rays and tests.

1500.00 dollars is a 60x increase.

It is time to make it illegal for hospitals to be owned for profit any more.

Do the math people.


  1. It's time to make it illegal for people to make things illegal, I say.

  2. I say if you want low medical costs then it is time to make it illegal to own a hospital for profit.

  3. How do you enforce that?


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