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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Ongoing debate

Ah yes the challenge to a hopeful and creative thought. I accept the challenge but not by my self. lol.

If you will indulge me I will write my very freshest of thoughts right here right now.

As long as our diplomats continue to minimize the assertions and absurdities of any party in a conflict..........

Ok you want to know what I think: Initial scenario......... No there is no solution other than allowing both sides to arm up and have at it in a total war of the WWII kind, and may the best side win. That would be the ADD way anyway.

Not very creative but has had it's effects in times past, even on today. There are whole cultures that have ultimately vanished where the only record of them remains is a curious batch of artifacts. What would the World be like if they were still here, or we had record of them.

That also ignores the rest of the worlds heart in the matter. The one that hates to see anyone suffer. I hate to see anyone suffer and find it depressing to be helpless in the matter, and I am not going to be able to negate the "religious" aspect of the two sides at all. Once I insert the Worldly heart into my own personal ideology it changes every possible outcome I can think of to one of wait and see, which circles back to the two side are going to clash.

I have an a little old ditty; that goes if you want to stop two dogs from fighting, wade into them with a 2x4, which falls right in line with Spartacus. And that conjures up imaginings of a world wide invasion; through Israel, pounding everything to dust then forcing the two sides to a table, and forcing a peace upon them. And then like a mother watching two errant children complete chores with a big paddle in her hand, occupy them until the memories of hatred go away.(insert world heart). Nope not going to work. Throughout history every time that these two sides have gotten physically close to each other they have battled. They don't like each other apparently.

Other thought: We could make a buck while they beat on each other(sell them arms(immoral)). We could make side bets and cheer on our favorites(ouch sadistic).

None of these insane thoughts fits the worlds pattern today. So who will step up and declare that there is no more need to fight given the millenniums long aggravated strife that this region has endured. We are missing something here. We are either missing or wrongly negating it. I say that two of; what we think of as small issues, and take for granted, should be pulled out of the closest and dusted off. To many an intellectual; religion has been a tool for the Governments of times past, but to the people of nations today and in the past, belief in God or a god is no laughing matter. The people take the worship of God or a god seriously because the people may not have any other hope. If you try to take away these peoples belief in an almighty, powerful and benevolent God to replace it with a Government,. Truth is, no one really trusts a Government, because most people know that governments are staffed by very fallible human beings.

Shall we do the diplomatic dance. There is a large and powerful and influential group of intellectuals who have successfully convinced us to not invoke God in this matter of trying to negotiate in the Middle East Peace. What they think of as absurd or at best a non starter and fear would trigger another round of theistic governments; and they may be right, is also absurd considering how much the peoples of this region adhere to their belief in God. There is no way that in the near term that they are going to change their view points about God. I don't blame them, I wouldn't either.
In that I am most prejudiced.

What we are doing now is wading into a dog fight with a can of powder and a puff. In my humble opinion will not work.

As I review this I still am not satisfied that I come up with a new and creative thought.

We really only have two major options I feel. Full blown constant diplomatic efforts or stand back on the sidelines like other nations; throwing the occasional-you two need to get along now, at them, and make sure that it doesn't break out into a wider war, which by the way we have the military and diplomatic muscle to do. I stand for the latter of these two. I am not for getting caught up in the brier patch of trying to settle difference between Israel and Palestine when the two sides both have their backs up against a wall. Israel because the rest of the worlds arm twisting, the Palestinians because......where else they going to go?


  1. When I swat a mosquito on my arm, I feel sad for the loss of such a complex living creature. Despite the sadness, I still swat the thing.

    You are right about hope. We are one of the greatest advertising powers in the world. If we were to really choose to do so, I believe we could eventually convince the warring parties to stop. First, we have to convince our own internal parties to stop liking the war. Too many of our extremist Christian groups are looking forward to the end of the world and the return of Jesus and they believe this can only happen through war in the Middle East.

  2. True that we could eventually wear the parties down but the barage has to be positive in nature. So much of what is verbally thrown around is offensive to one or the other.
    I also don't think that Christians like the war but they definately associate them selves with the land as well, as the birthplace of Christ the land where he walked. So they are going to be on the side of the Isrealites nearly as a whole.

    An the matter of the world ending I believe that that is a take that the world has about what Christians are saying. Even my mother thought things like the U.S. was going to be destroyed for it's current sins like we were Sodom or Gomora which from what I can tell we havent achieved that level of debochery yet.

    And The only destruction I can truly see is just the way that that mankind lives, in other words the debochery level drops from open today to slim to none then. That cataclysmic events on a mega scale occur that kill billions is relative. Mankind is not destroyed in the near future just things will be different.
    The world is not destroyed and made completely unihabitable just beat up really bad, but it will recover from the severe beating, and press on to a new heighth only drempt of.
    My bible is clear though that ultimatly the events that occur are not Christians fault but primaraly acts of God.
    Also my bible is clear , do not help the world dig it's hole. In other words do good to people even if they are bad to you. That is the differance between Christianity and the world.
    That Christins are confused about these things is mainly due to the nuts we have for preachers who apparently hear voices in there heads which may be split personalities, or devils, or they are nuts.
    Also it is a bad thing for Christians to fall into the world trap of only doing good for people who would do good for you.

    If there is a God and I say that there is, and if the bible is a true and effective document; and I say that it is, then God does love everyone. And if he loves you then as an offspring of God it is natural for me to Love you too(don't be making too much of that). Ie, see if I can't help you with your earthly needs.


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