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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vacation time

Been three years. I'll be gone for a week. I'll be back giving out more article's and comments sure to reinforce concerns for my sanity.

You all need to start thinking crazy like a fox cause I am up to something. You just cant figure out what yet.

For the atheist's out there it ain't lookin good for yous


  1. Hi guys! Guess who this is?

  2. I can't believe I came onto this site the day after you're going on vacation.

    You know, Ron, you out to be careful in what you say. If any catastrophe happens in the next week, by the words above, you might find yourself suspect.

    I don't believe you'ld do anything like that, but what matters is, what do others think.

    For scriptural basis I quote, I'll have to look it up: but, be gentle...let your gentleness be evident to all...etc. Live your life in such a wy that no one can find anything to accuse you of. I'm paraphrasing. Carefully choose your words.

    I know you wouldn't do anything violent, but people are living in fear these days. It's getting more like witchhunt days.

    Anyway, I love you bro.

  3. Liars will always make up cause Lisa. Paul inspite of his saying and good behavior or whichever still got hammered and they made up all kinds of things aginst him.

    I ain't scared and they wont be looking at me besides I ain't in any shape to do anything to anyone. Oh yeah every one of my brothers and sisters are taking behavior modifing medicine or have been diagnose with mental disorders. Al is now entering therapy. You all make lousy witnesses aginst me.

    They? Who are they? I can tell you who they would be......athiests or devils.

    I ain't scared.

    Nothing is going to happen to me and in your wormy false prophecy you are wrong.

    Besides Love conquers all. And neither you nor I am the avatar of Gods ultimate reason. Take a back seat cause big brother is in charge.

    Now you want to say more let us keep it out of the public eye cause I have a come back for everything you might say. Everything......

    My email is

  4. Besides Lisa what you are saying doesn't prove me me wrong.

    I am the leader of the which hunt anyway.


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