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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Has got it right. And this just supports what I have been trying to say for4 o0r 5 years and something I said along the same lines to Al. No God no prosperity.

God brings simple righteousness and this whole mess got started because people thought that greed was ok. Didn't you Al. Greed ain't workin out so well is it?

I am sorrrry. No I'm not. I was right and my joy is made more full. There is no reward for a lack of God but poverty in every way. The poverty in your hearts and souls is finally coming out into the open in measurable results.

The very next article deals with bonds. Looks like it is time to get out the old mason jars and start burying your capital in the back yard. Oh wait a minute if you do that then the whole system will just collapse faster. MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The only solution for the time being is to keep pumping the money in but sooner or later the whole thing will deflate completely and hm.........the Zimbabwe syndrome sounds good too me. I hope Anne's got her Gun cause it maaaay get a little rough out here.

If you ever get to hear me laugh in person I know that it would really scare the hell out of you.

To the Anarchist like Al my brother. Keep hoping, be patient. You may yet get to go out and create the mayhem you must so badly desire.

The solution? Get 25% of the employable population back to working in manufacturing.


  1. I'm a Natural Law advocate. I don't like mayhem. I don't equate anarchy with chaos. Nature/reality/the universe has rules that must be understood and obeyed if success is to be achieved. Governments are constantly flouting these rules, and ours did starting about July 5, 1776.

    The rules - natural laws - aren't handed to us, we have to discover them by reasoning from experience.

  2. Unfortunatly Al the number of athiests in the world is teeny weeny. Sooo the likely hood that a violent chaotic world not happening in an anarchic situation is uh nil. You and your kind will not be able to social engineer a peacful move to anarchy ever. Especially so long as your kimd continue to discount what other people believe.

  3. Great. Looking forward to it. Did you notice you're not responding to anything I said.

  4. I can imagine your maniacal laughter. I can't understand why you are not doing voiceovers though.

  5. Yes Al I did not respond because Way too many people like and accept thier world just as it is. They like thier lights and their fridge's and would fight you and your to the death to keep them if it came to that.

    So anarchist Utopia will never exist. As far as reasoning from experience Solomon said it. There is nothing new under the sun. Been done already so you would not be reasoning anarchy.

  6. Tef. I think that the reason that people get so afraid when I laugh is because I seldom hold back. I just let let out a no holds barred belly rippling guffaw.


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