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Saturday, June 20, 2009


I am not a deist.

Take this premise.

This entry will not be objective.

There is only one God who created every thing else including the host of heaven all of the spiritual beings and things both past and present.

Respecting God means to have at least a modicum of respect for all that he created with out worshiping or tending to worship the creation or created.

I use the word all, every, and everything in it's purist sense. Everything and every concept, idea, and invention.

There is no other God. My God trumps everything else, thus I negate in my life every other God outside the Holy trinity.

Want to know why I was right 12, 13 years ago about what would happen today. Not really because I calculated it all out but because my God made it come true, is still making it come true and will continue to make it come true.

What is mainly left? The economy will continue to slide gradually until The U.S. is no longer preeminent. The way this is working out so far is as we continue to pump trillions of cash into the world money market place to retain our position as the cash reserve for the world the more the dollar slides.
As we necessarily have to pump cash into our own economy we drive down the value of the dollar. Giving the world impetus to diversify which denomination it will use to back it's own monies with.

Stability will be achieved if manufacturing comes back into this country and our national, and private personal integrity increases.

The short way to say it is when we return once again face God and the principles of God that is truth and honesty reign supreme the pressure will ease. We have to do all three. God truth honesty. With out it we will become a poverty stricken nation, impotent to influence any world event even if we tried.

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