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Friday, June 19, 2009

I'm up, what the hell?

3:30 Am. What is this getting older stuff. Why did I suddenly find that I could not sleep anymore this night. Ya Ya they got all kinds of scientific explanations, that still doesn't change the fact that from time to time I end up restless and up.

Grandma is ill. She is 89 this year. Been a long tough road for her. She grew up in the depression, got married young and birthed her first child in a tent (my mother) on some land down by the river. My Uncle Bill; recently passed away, built a house on that piece of land and the family has a cemetery there. Somehow Grandma is like a living piece of history. Containing with in her the memories of post settler days, with the histrionics by word of mouth of the last pioneers in the CONUS. There are many old people like her yet alive her and her sister; Aunt Baby, are to my knowledge the last in my line of the family.

Mom had my sister get her up to Bragg's for a visit yesterday. Mom says that grandma gets upset and grumpy with the three younger girls and for some reason she finds comfort with my mom and Uncle Joe around. Funny that. The three younger aunts have been the primary caretakers since grandma first went ailing so many years ago.

Enough early morning lamenting.

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