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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In my corner

If you think you have me in a corner the advantage is mine. You can only attack from one direction. If you feel I have you in a corner the advantage is still mine. You can only attack from one direction.

The only choice you have is to try to bring the fight out in the open and try to stay there.
Except that I don't cooperate. I either push you into a corner or retreat to a corner thus handicapping you.

Where could I have learned such a tactic.

Reading a little Sun Tsu.

Your Call Al. Out in the open or stay in the corner. Your only hope is out in the open.


  1. Getting people to scratch their heads and walk away, isn't really winning.

    Mom was always saying, "That shut 'im up!"

    Does that really work out for anybody?

  2. True enough. If you mean scratching their head as in, I wonder what he was talking about(I win) or scracthinng their head as in he's nuts, then no I didn't win. I win when I get people to consider that there is more to the item or issue than they think that there is.
    Doesn't gaurantee that they will come to the same conclusion I have but low and behold oft they come to a more complete one maybe more complete than me. I am ok with that because in a mindful way I may learn more.

    Mom or whoever tryng to say things that would just shut me up did not make the issue go a way. It just postponed it for a later date. Like now 40, 50 years later, instead of dealing with them then vs. now we could be moving on to bigger and better things now. It left me with the feeling I was living with fools or nuts.

    For some invisible reason I am very good at getting people to think harder, more. At getting the mental intellectual food chain working so to speak. The way that this works though is not transferable like a commodity; you can't capture it and put it in a bottle for sale, it is freely given. It should also be left alone. The power is in the lastng good ideas. Knowledge is not power itself, anyone can know things but in what you do with the knowledge. Wisdom I call it. By God I stimulate people directly around me by whatever method available. I limit myself with only the bible but mainly the Ten Commandments, that is my structure. It gives me a nearly unlimited field to work in and removes the distractions of evil.
    In a sense I am already living in a sort of anarchy with only Jesus as my guide who allows me tremendous leaway.

    I have been doing it to you and mom and the rest of you for decades. I like saying that. Decades. Unknowingly until I was 37. Now knowingly.

    If you won't believe in God you can see the natural way it works out. Hence your sensing naturally worked out events for good. In the absencse of physical proof I lable it God's handy work thourgh me. It must be God because it works inspite of my apparent charecter flaws.

    The real trick in this mess is to be given to see the absolute stark naked truth and to count myself in the equasion if you can call it that.

    I found a rock of truth to stand on and from this vantage point I then do my math so to speak. I call that rock point 1. Best thing I ever got out of College Math. Solve for one. That works for everybody. Keep in mind that I solve for the point. I am not the point one the rock is. Keeps me objective. There for I doe not solve for me (selfish) I solve for everyone. Selfless selfinterest. We all maybe get happy. Cept in never ends. Always something crops up. People are never satisfied, they are restless. So I say something like hey 'lets go to mars'.
    The wicked never rest. We end up having to do this over and over and over until. It cannot continue on like this forever.

    My so to speak caculations are running twards a giant calamity. By God so far I have not been wrong. I wish I could say different. If I am to remain true to what I know now I can hope I am wrong but that so far has not been the case.

    Not exactly where you were thinking this was going I suppose.

  3. I would love to kick this loser's ass!


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