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Monday, August 31, 2009

The beasts

Dan 7:4 The firstH6933 was like a lion,H744 and had eagle'sH1768 H5403 wings:H1611 I beheldH1934 H2370 tillH5705 H1768 the wingsH1611 thereof were plucked,H4804 and it was lifted upH5191 fromH4481 the earth,H772 and made standH6966 uponH5922 the feetH7271 as a man,H606 and a man'sH606 heartH3825 was givenH3052 to it.
Dan 7:5 And beholdH718 anotherH317 beast,H2423 a second,H8578 likeH1821 to a bear,H1678 and it raised upH6966 itself on oneH2298 side,H7859 and it had threeH8532 ribsH5967 in the mouthH6433 of it betweenH997 the teethH8128 of it: and they saidH560 thusH3652 unto it, Arise,H6966 devourH399 muchH7690 flesh.H1321
Dan 7:6 AfterH870 thisH1836 I beheld,H1934 H2370 and loH718 another,H317 like a leopard,H5245 which had uponH5922 the backH1355 of it fourH703 wingsH1611 ofH1768 a fowl;H5776 the beastH2423 had also fourH703 heads;H7217 and dominionH7985 was givenH3052 to it.

Dan 7:7 AfterH870 thisH1836 I sawH1934 H2370 in the nightH3916 visions,H2376 and beholdH718 a fourthH7244 beast,H2423 dreadfulH1763 and terrible,H574 and strongH8624 exceedingly;H3493 and it had greatH7260 ironH1768 H6523 teeth:H8128 it devouredH399 and brake in pieces,H1855 and stampedH7512 the residueH7606 with the feetH7271 of it: and itH1932 was diverseH8133 fromH4481 allH3606 the beastsH2423 thatH1768 were beforeH6925 it; and it had tenH6236 horns.H7162

Nazi Germany was socialism, USSR was a socialism, the third beast is capitalistic socialism.

The question is who could the first three beasts not defeat. Christianity, is the answer. Jesus Christ is the answer. Christianity still thrives and no less the Spirit of Christ Jesus dwells in the heart of Christians and Christianity.

Jesus is the very essence of giving and self sacrifice and by his example do we persist even if it causes our death.

In 1996 I went to work and informed them that my second marriage had failed and I was leaving. I told my boss that I was quiting my job and moving to Oklahoma. I said that they; the company I was working for, was going to lay me off in winter anyway. He said," yeah but not like this". That was just another one of those anomalous statements that people have made in my life.
I still mildly puzzle over the "not like this statement".

Atheists say that man can do all these good things without referring to God to do them. They are wrong. No body can do any good unless they do so by a higher power and mankind will never trust the government or a supervisor or a even there own parents to teach them what is right and good to do. Only God can do that. Even so, trusting God comes with it's price because God may command you to go to some place you know may get you killed because the people there have much animosity and hate twards what you are professing.

Do these thought leave you wanting? Hmph. Too bad. The material between,"I still puzzle over this statement and Atheists say', is a book all by it self.

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