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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Give, all you proud cheap ............

WARNING! This article is full of swear words!!!!!!!!

I am going to break the law with this one. I am going to do this by putting a paragraph sized quote from an article that I found at yay-hoo news without permission. I don't give a , this needs wider dissemination

"So inaccurate is the public perception of homelessness that the world cries foul when a homeless person is seen with a mobile phone or an iPod or heaven forbid, a laptop," Matt said. "Homeless people don't use the Internet, they don't write blogs, they're not webmasters and they don't use Twitter. They are alcoholics, they are substance abusers, they are illiterate. They don't work. They sure as hell don't have the right to fall in love. Do they?"

I took off to serve God and for fourteen months I, for the most part lived out of my car. The world I discovered does not like homeless people. They relegate them practically to digging in garbage cans for there lunch. This, in the land of plenty is bullshit. That's why I am going to do my little thing; if it kills me, to find a way to present some lunch for these people personally.

Another thing I discovered was that approximately 50% of the people who were homeless, where I was at, DID NOT WANT TO BE HOMELESS, and were able to, and actively seeking a job. But because of some intellectual butt holes statistical analysis were being pre-judged by the; GUESS WHO, educated businessmen and women of up America. That gets the thank you so much you over educated under experienced college professors. Thank you for teaching our young people to treat the downtrodden with subliminal rejection and hate.

I used to put $*^&%Y$^&* instead of the cuss words but man but that was just giving me high blood pressure.

I edited out several cuss words. I guess I feel pretty strongly about this.

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