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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

T.F. Stern

T.F. Exemplifies one of the things that is wrong with this country today. The complete lack of understanding concerning our nations Constitution.

The Constitution tells us that we can make no laws abridging the right to free speech.

Fewer and fewer people know that that means that you can say anything you want anywhere you want.

The fact that rappers sing about cop killing exposes another area that is wrong with this country.
iSomething that wouldn't have gotten published 30 years ago.

The question is why?

Why should a rapper do such a thing and why should the government enforce something that is so blatantly unconstitutional and get away with it?

Simple. No God-no obedience to the Constitution and no respect for the law or law enforcement.

Put prayer back in school people and without reservation and ten to twenty years from now cops can go back to walking a beat twirling there batans while people greet them with much joy at seeing an old friend.

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