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Monday, October 5, 2009

God given roles

Hold your skirt I haven't edited this yet.

A woman on THE prominent radio talk show who has eleven kids has a response to some research into why women are so unhappy today.

She says and I do not quote, "it's because they have stepped out side of their God given roles." She says that women were created to raise kids and become entrepreneurs.

She said it more eloquently than that but to keep the perfect-toonist plagercops off by my back

tha's all I am going to put here.

I have both read and heard this that if woman ran the world it would be a better place.

Who ever originally said that failed to observe how subliminally vicious and duplicitous a woman can be. They failed to recognize that women don't do their own dirty work they get somebody else to do it using every dirty trick in the book. AC/DC's dirty deeds done dirt cheap comes to mind.

The old saying don't piss off a woman is pretty accurate. They will run around pretending to be a victim with their outstanding verbal and attitudinal wiles (tearfully) convince other people that you need to be sterilized, ostracized, killed or neutralized. Every man who has much dealings with a woman knows what I'ma talking about.

Aaay, you say? Follow the dominoes as they tip. My Wife; three years ago had me painted(verbal and attitudinal wiles) as some kind of horror because she did not want to hear what I had to say about her insane habits with money and then paranoia, that caused us to loose our house. God by her decisions took the one thing in her life that she loved the most. Her dog ( wudden me).
All of them self generated I assure you. She is struggling now under therapy and treatment and has been awarded SSI benefits for not only physical but mental disease. She is permanently disabled. She is still trying to return to the really stupid behavior patterns that she had before. Nuts! To the mmmmmm that thought a woman would have to be nuts to be married to me well here I am......married to a nut. You know they say that a man marries someone like their mom.
Back when I was twelve my mom started taking anti depressants. And by the time I was twenty five she was on 10-15 different pills or pills to treat the side effects of the pills. Did you know that all of my sisters have or are taking pills? No? There is your answer. I married someone like my mom.

Of course there is one common denominator besides my Maybe I drove them to it.
Truth is I don't even practice that kind of influence but I gotta say that I don't think so.

Now having recognized this you will understand why I shall never have any more relationships. This is the last one and it is a crying shame I could not recognize this much earlier in my life. I could have forgone any troubles by bypassing marriage and just going for the wealth.

Back to the original entry. I have seen men who their wives fawn all over. But that's because they have turned the tables on their women making them feel sorry for their crazy ranting and convince them that they themselves are being victimized by the apparent overdriven emotional mental state of women. They say very little. And have mastered the bs art of lying with comfortable words. But is that good? In almost every case I have noted, the piper eventually comes to call . Marriages break up or all hell breaks or the quiet explosion.......Infidelity pays a visit, because one or the other gets fed up with the deceit.

The other type of man I have seen who deals with the marriage are actually the ones who have a great marriage. That be my rule of thumb 2%. The woman is in her role and the man is in his. They are comfortable, at peace and invariably prosperous.

Women....... c'mon and admit really don't want your man to talk. They weren't really built for it anyway. Men like talking to each other because well........they like mechanics not nuances. Mechanics are plain to see and involve little emotional risk. To deal with nuances can lead to emotional trauma. Emotional trauma can lead to bad things happening. So women of world don't ask your man to get too much into the nuances and since your built to deal with them and men weren't, it's kind of like picking up a hammer to unscrew a bolt. You can beat that bolt with the hammer, you might break the hammer(your man) or you might break the bolt and damage whatever it is your trying to fix. Either way you are more likely to make a mess. No sense getting mad at your husband either because it's not his fault that he is no expert at your troubles. If he was he would be a woman and I would ere if I thought that you wanted to have a woman for a husband .

Well.......some do but I ain't talking about them now am I?

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