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Monday, November 2, 2009

No such thing as a hate crime.

This article says it all.

Hate is an emotion and emotions cannot be quantified, The only things that can be quantified are blatant actions. Anything else might be a misperception or deception. In an other way of saying it: we may be being deceived into thinking that someone is doing something against society requiring action against the individual by society, And that kind of deception happens all of the time.

The constitution was written in such a way as to allow individual free speech and the freedom to vent all they wanted and the freedom to reject whatever they wanted but not the freedom to do whatever they wanted to others because of whatever others might feel, think, or say. Most importantly the constitution fences in the governments; local, state, and national from doing something to somebody because of what they feel, think, or say.

That is the reason that I am so dead set against hate oriented legislation.

WE already have laws that protect an individuals right to not get the shit kicked out of them and all that the fed has done is make themselves look like they are doing something to justify their obviously bloated salaries. In the productive sense we elected these people to protect us in every way but they fucked up our economy which is not protecting us so we the people are going to fire them by voting all the blight out of office.

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