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Sunday, November 1, 2009

We buried my Grandma

And because somehow my paste to Google has been disabled I am unable to bring forward a previous post. I can link to it which gets me to say !@#@! you google...... again. Fix it or don't Google your still on my !#$ list.

My !#%&% and moaning aside here is the link. I edit the cuss words out of respect to my Grandma and post my abbreviated eulogy.

She is survived by 81 descendants including two preachers or preachers wives one missionaries wife. A PA, teachers, accountants, nurses, law enforcement, government. Nearly every man has served in the military in every branch, some with distinction and some of the women and every thing in between.

But the greatest of my Grandma's works is nearly 100% of all of her descendants are saved and Each in their own way blessed. Many other people beyond our family have in turn been saved. My grandma's rewards are great in heaven. I would say may she rest in peace but I know that she is alive with our Lord and Savior Jesus the one and only Christ. When I went to the viewing I saw something I had never seen before. An aura so great about her that she still looked alive. I know that there many people who would say that that isn't possible to be able to see such a thing or that your grief is much greater than you are showing.....perhaps, but I say that what I saw was real. I saw that she was just asleep, pure.......holy.

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