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Monday, December 21, 2009

Another season of surviver

The cute girl who flew under the radar won, and the guy who got her there won the player of the season award.

When the season first started I hated on the guy for the despicable things that he did but then as the season went on I saw a pattern emerge. Amazingly the people who were really trouble makers began to get voted out of the game. I started to root and cheer the guy on. Even funnier, he played the cameras and Jeff the host. He recognized that Jeff was giving hints to the other contestants if even only subconsciously. So he kept Jeff guessing and everyone guessing . It was fun to watch.

The Question though is does that say something about America? We have become a country who roots on the evil guy giving it to the wicked. Was he so evil? In the end he wasn't rewarded by the ones who played with more integrity so it would appear. In a way they were all playing a ruthless game. If it were real life they would have been killing each other and throwing the bodies in the ocean.
At the end of the game America gave the 100 grand to Russel because he was ultimately the most effective player, but what of us? What are we going to do with ourselves. Where did our own integrity go. What will become of the U.S. if we don't change, and why don't people realize that that is not the path to prosperity but economic failure?

I wish I could say that I can't stand how he played but I can't. By the unspoken rules inflicted upon him ,"outwit, outplay, outlast", Russel played the best game ever.

I was glad to hear him say that in real life the things he valued most were honesty, integrity, and faith fullness. I believe that because I saw something in him that I recognized. A old spirit; I am want to, say of Democracy I favored him. I favored him even over the obvious Christians and I fail to explain that one to my self. Maybe it is because I saw that he was saved as well or that somewhere in his life he had been to church and had been saved. Ya I know, You would say how can I know that. It is a spiritual gift. One that most concretists would not be able to comprehend.

I am not satisfied with this line of thought. Maybe it is because I am pussing out on laying it down like I usually do. The theme is the same. My prediction remains. This nation is going to get invaded. We will win but the slaughter is going to be a sore one. I give the middle finger salute to the atheists who are making this possible.

The final beast is not going to be an atheistic one. The world will have come full circle. And then cometh God.

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