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Friday, December 18, 2009

Why oh why

I was watching Survivor last night and two of the contestants who are Christians prayed during one of the contests. They prayed that the coconuts would not fall. Right after that they pulled another string and droves of their coconuts fell and they lost. I am sitting there thinking now what does that mean? I ma running around telling people that God is the single most powerful entity that their is. So what is up with that. These two kids are good kids right? It is no big deal if he would just keep the coconuts from falling right? So how come they did?

Ya, like you should pray that your coconuts not fall. That is not one of those important things in this world and I am thinking that the good things that a Christian should want are not things and stuff in this world but matters of the heart such as, pray to God that you handle every thing with grace. His Grace.

The moral of the story: get real.......don't pray for the coconuts not to fall.



I ran across a survey that made me laugh.

The titles is; Happiness is being Old, Male, and Republican. For no reason; apparently me being old, male, and Republican, is why I am happy. Maybe it is the steam I keep letting off.

Either way it gets the old faithful, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Or should it be MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Lol. :D.

Ha you say how precocious. But WAIT there is more, as Ron would say in an old Popiel commercial.
Happiness is "that is"(says Jed Clampet in the song).

I will not say that the survey analysts got it perfectly right because happiness begins with a sense of well being when you know that your basic needs are relatively secure. Relatively I say. Most people have a instinctive understanding that they are ok but for some reason are unhappy anyway and that makes them unhappy. Hmph. I got a lot more on the subject but in the nature of keeping it short cause people have ADD in general that's all I am going to say right now.

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