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Sunday, March 28, 2010

God's will is not God

God is God and everything that is done is by him. We as Christians have made Gods will tantamount to God. By worshipping at the feet of his will rather than worship the Master unconditionally. If you love and worship God unconditionally then you can come to understand that His will is his actions but he himself is Love.

God loves his works but punishes rebellion against his will. Trust me on that. I have fought Gods will and his actions because I could not understand why apparently good people with the best of intentions were being deprived of the outward prosperity I thought they should deserve. I have argued and raised hell; and really still am, for as long as I can remember and that goes way back(I get to say that now that I am fifty).

I caution all of you to not resist Gods will, even if you THINK that a bad deed is being done. Don't fight the fight unless you can explain to God why he shouldn't do a thing and be prepared for the answer, because it is my(Gods) will. Also don't fight against Gods will unless you are prepared to give up your life for it. Truth is God respects that far more than anything else. If you feel that giving your life for something is that important then God will give heed to what you have to say and if you have your good Godly arguments lined up for him then he may heel to what you think will work.

Ultimately I believe that what you may end up doing is dieing with your cause or even for it which will end by you explaining your self to God.......directly........which reterns to my point if it isn't worth your life then.......

As for me; you may be better off asking me how I am going to explain myself to God, rather than telling me that that isn't Gods will. Truth is, Men don't know what God's will is. We can only look at history and say for sure that, that was God's will. The future is not ours to determine but has already been determined and there is nothing we can do to change that.

Get it?, and get it.

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