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Saturday, March 6, 2010

In keeping with the theme of my URL

The Yellowstone caldera dome has grown 3X faster in the last three years than ever recorded before, and since the Haitian earthquake there has been a swarm of small earth quakes the second largest ever recorded(Wikipedia).

That gets an ARROO form me(1984 air force bark of aggressive acknowledgement).

God is in control. Wouldn't it be cool if a volcano popped up out there. What would be really frightening would be if the Yellowstone super volcano decided to blow.

Scared yet, or are you people so foolish as to completely ignore the fact that the US GS rates this area as a high threat for volcanic activity. Activity that could go as far as a N-lea event. I made that up. A near life extinction event.

Never know. Things like this are possible. You people want to think that I am a rad. If so-I am a radical for "Acts of God" of which the puny insane acts of men like the attack on the pentagon or even the WTC attack are NOTHING. HA! Acts that make even a worst case scenario nuclear war look completely benign.

There. My quota of nut burger stuff can be said to be fulfilled.

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