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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The failure of the media

Articles are being printed on the spectacular displays of lightening in volcanic eruptions. Funny that they do not apparently understand something that is perfectly obvious.

Every atom has electrons which scientist know can be removed or stripped. Especially in certain elemental materials such as copper and gold. Electrons once freed will seek out or rather gravitate to another atom and attempt to attach. The more stable atom or molecules such as H20 are difficult to strip atoms from, however H20 especially in a volcanic eruption is not pure. They have many particles of likely every element on earth hence many electrons are available for removing. But it is simply not necessary that H20 with impurities be the only source of the free electrons.

There are so many other minerals and gasses available during a volcanic eruption, that it would be rare for this category of eruption to not have lightening. Not just rare but virtually impossible.
The only thing scientist are trying to do is prove what they already know in theory concerning volcanic eruptions. In fact they may actually be looking at something else with lightning as an aside or excuse. Ok. So what. I look forward to learning about what they find out.

The failing of the media comes from their lack of knowledge because they are products of going strait to college out high school. And from what I can tell about compulsory education is that 98% of the kids don't know squat about the physical world in which they live in. In fact the gist I get is for kids not to worry about it. So when they observe something that is not new but new to them they marvel when they really should have known this all along.

Then they could state this as matter of fact, rather than imply that scientists are stupid.

The theories of electricity are no longer theories any more, they are factual scientific principles that can be applied any where in this universe outside of quantum mechanics and prevail.

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