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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The reason people believe is because of external stimuli not internal stimuli says the Tiger. Of course not in so many words or even those words, but that is the gist of what he is saying. What the doc is not realizing is that he is calling external stimuli, is not really stimuli but events. Not just any event but events that the individual carrier of faith prayed for the particular event to occur and then it did.
Faith is born of events occurring that have no logical foundation to have occurred. For many individuals a small kindness is a huge event, and that was all they needed. For others small things may be a matter of course, but for most it is what they needed to retain their faith.

What the faithless in matters of the spirit see as just series of coincidences, and have no confidence that what they saw was permanent, or more than what would have happened had they of not prayed and yet with out communication with the unknown ( I suppress a chuckle) nothing goes right. It all truly becomes a crap shoot. All of the methodology in the world cannot account for every possible act that would ruin a plan. Man then finds that he must be ultimately flexible in order to respond to any and all possible roadblocks to his own plan and yet in the lack of structure discovers no peace or solace........unless........he has prayed for solace in the absence of structure. In this case he will find peace of mind no matter the the incidence. His belief that peace is an outcropping not of circumstance, but of faith that peace will be his in the end no matter what little 'ol' thing that crops up at the moment, or that may crop up in the near or very near future. That if new volcanoes erupts and you have to flee, you know that God is preserving you for his higher purposes.

In this faith he finds the minds eye to see down the spiritual and mental road to recognize the events and enemies to his own plan. To be able to evaluate himself and his own capabilities against the possible odds, and to know when and where he needs to pray, and to tell if it is a matter of man or a matter of the spirit. To know the difference, is the single most important aspect to decision making that a man can know.

The faith that there is a God who knows what is next and that his will and plans supersede yours and that you are weak in the face of his is the beginning of wisdom or rather the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. To coin a legal phrase "to wit" I doth concede, my will is subservient to God's will. To the faithful of God makes all the sense in the world, to the faithless makes none. To the faithless it is weakness, but to the faithful is all strength.

In the end reserving his greatest love for the creator, and if given the strength none for this world. That being said it difficult to have no love for this world especially if you realize that the creator who made this world loves it so. Then you can love this world as a marvelous work of the greatest of workers that there is. God. With out God you could not exist to marvel at the wonders and the intricacies and the strength of creation. the Titanic energies it takes to hold one atom together pales in comparison to anything that man can muster, even for minuscule nanoseconds. In fact I have not heard yet of men creating one stable new atom yet or even particle of an atom. Men are weak God is strong.

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