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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Things are not looking up for O-blama

Cute song long ago went something like this.:

O fat Betty bamb a lam,

O fat Betty bamb a lam.

I just ran across an article that says it all.

People are in deep and in danger of losing there homes. And the devil and his people say good. Let it be known that I do not say the same, nevertheless something good could come of it if God wills. That people would learn to live using the cash method and forget time payments. It can be done and the nation as a whole would be a much happier.

The over educated nincompoops that have led this nation into this economic quagmire of course did not realize that under this current morass was quick sand. But guess what? The ones who did not get sucked into the spend, spend, spend hype and BS just don't feel like throwing a rope to the sinker. Let it sink they say. I say let it sink. Why save an old beat up dying ship. MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love it. Let the ------ sink. I am safe on my own ship.

Ol' man says to me one day "sink or swim". That assumes that what your swimming in is water, not mud. But it is mud, and it is sucking this nation in. People have become a sealed glass canister of highly excited flammable gas, being lowered inexorably into a fire, few people do not know that the pressure will build up in that container until it over come the cohesion of it, and when it does, the gas will escape, come into contact with the flames and DA-BOOM. If it is a big enough blast it will put out the fire , at least you better hope it will put out the fire, cause t'is time to build a new fire, but getting yourselves away from that blast fur enough to keep yourselves from getting caught up in the concussion wave, now that is going to be the trick. Will people get hurt, ya, no helping that because of the difference in O-f------pinion. The only way for the younger people to learn the wisdom of why we had things like they were before 1997 in the way of controls is because eventually people forget why we have to spank our kids, and why we have to be wise and frugal, and why we have to be nice and good, and why we don't go around provoking at any level.

Back in the days of the wild west the reason you didn't provoke was because you would end up with a bullet in your back. It was easy to understand why you had to be nice. A persons personal property was protected and enforced from the end of the barrel of the biggest God damned gun he could get his hands on. And every one was an expert from Ma on down to the littlest child who could pick one up.

Now of course the pansies had taken over and "guns scare me" which used to be there nom-de-guerre (don't remember how to spell that one(means literally n French, name of war) are realizing that the world is still a savage place. Crooks and pro-crookists like my main enemy Al says he "does not like" the Constitution and wants a "peaceful" return to anarchy. Basically relegating his children and; though he doesn't have any yet, grandchildren, to hell on earth, and this time a hell so bad that it will take the return of God to keep man from annihilating himself.

Well congratulations you stupid promoters and blind lackeys of change, you won. It won't be anarchy it will be a compromise. And a compromise where no one will understand. Lets see if you save yourselves from having to cow tow to the devil in that day. Uh no, you people won't be able too. Actually you can, but he will kill you for it in that day. And if you have not made your peace with the maker your going to be zum toasten. Mwha ha HA! Actually it will be the one and only time in history where people will be able to save themselves and have not accepted Jesus, yet that is incorrect. They will have an opportunity to receive his gift of forgiveness directly to his face I presume. You will see him in person and realize that it was all true. That there really is God.

For some reason I am so curious to see how this all works out. But alas I won't see it as a living man.

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