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Monday, May 31, 2010

Ahhhh the Bain of Success

Blogging. Slang for Web Logging. Blogging comes from the people. People who want to share or just get it off of their chest; people like me. Is all about just "saying whatever", and the establishment can't stand it. WHY THOSE BLOGGERS ARE OUT OF CONTROL, they shout from the pinnacles of their high places. They have questionable ethics, they say.

Blogging is not about bloggers ethics or any one else's, because you see we are not proclaiming the highest standards in ethics. The mainstream media is, and the Scum-o-crats are, and the beauro-craps are.

We out here in the real world are just demanding the highest standards. For the people that put on air's of high standards, we the people hold them to their appearance of personal morality and high moral intent, criticizing the hell out of them when they don't deliver what they say they are going to deliver, and throw the lying scammers out of office, and we are doing it within the confines of the Constitution and there is nothing that the ingin idiots can do about it; unless they want to get their asshole politicians thrown out of office, and loose 'ostrizin' hell upon themselves and their lying outlets. The fact is mainstream media has long since left mainstream USA, and no longer represents reality; but some rainbow utopia that not only does not exist, except until Jesus gets here will not exist, and when he does the lying spin media will be out of job.......because Jesus is not going to need lies to keep and maintain power.

Jesus is God and as such is all power. Mankind has none.

I keep up the faith In my right to say, based upon this one statement given to me from God.

Isa 41:10 FearH3372 thou not;H408 forH3588 IH589 am withH5973 thee: be notH408 dismayed;H8159 forH3588 IH589 am thy God:H430 I will strengthenH553 thee; yea,H637 I will helpH5826 thee; yea,H637 I will upholdH8551 thee with the right handH3225 of my righteousness.H6664

That's right, the right hand of God's right-eous-ness. Not the right hand of mans righteousness or the right hand of today's righteousness or the right hand of the mobs righteousness, not the right hand of the devils righteousness, not the right hand of Heavens righteousness, not the right hand of Utopia's righteousness, but the right hand of he that made all things, righteousness. Definitely not the right hand of my righteousness or any other god's(small case on purpose because there is truly only one God) righteousness.

Keep the faith bloggers, cause we have God; who is the true author of the Constitution, on our side. Ja' I said that. God may have used men's hands but the whole thing is a divinely inspired document.

The cool thing is, it is as if it were written in stone, and though it has life of itself, it is not a living document. It is just like the Ten Commandments. Simple and easy to understand even for the simple man. Immutable and irrefutable.

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