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Monday, May 31, 2010

In the regular news

News media tries to spin the news of foreign ships trying to run the Israelis blockade of the Gaza strip as a botched raid.

But as usual the news has got it wrong. I am going to hazard a guess as to what really happened. As a normal recourse to the ongoing blockade the ships were being asked to heave to and prepare to be boarded and searched, the boats refused, the Isralis fired a shot accros the bow, the ships still did not comply. The Israelis then dropped commandos onto the decks fully expecting peaceniks. The "peaceniks" tried to repel the boarders, now ten of the dumbasses are dead. Never-ever tangle with commandos unless you are prepared to take losses. It is ingin naivety on the part of the rest of the world to think that they can go outside of normal channels to accomplish something in this case the removal of an apparently effective blockade. A blockade instituted because of the criminal element named Hamas who only has one goal in mind. The destruction of the internationally recognized nation of Israel.

In other words, the poor poor cry baby Islamics can't get their munitions in to shoot at those filthy Jews. Kind of like this little kid I knew who would try to sneakily break things and bawl his little eyes out about how miserable he was made when I hammered his stupid spoiled little ass.

You know why mom let me get away with poundin the s--- out of him? Because she knew that he was sneakily breaking my stuff and instead of dealing with it herself, discovered that she could stay out of the limelight of having to judge by letting me thump the crazy blighter. How did she know that he was being so sneaky. Someone else told on him.

See if you can figure out how the two apparently unrelated subjects relate. If you figure it out correctly and doo correctly watch the news.

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