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Friday, May 7, 2010

Enviromental Whackos

That is a phrase coined from decades long insane and illegal behavior exhibited by people who were against felling large tracts of trees in clear cut operations. They have been convicted for everything from misdemeanors for driving spikes and nails into trees to damage chain saws, to murder. Probably could get some of them for sedition as well but.......... Don't expect to many references, as usual most of this is going to come from memory.

However I see now that environmentalists are doing a little back peddle with some spin control.

They would be better off just admitting that they were duped so we can press on with other more important matters. I am all for most reasonable anti pollution efforts but the run of the mill environmentalist foot troop today has wasted their time and efforts on protests when they could have been inventing new ways to accomplish old tasks.

The Ozone hole in Antarctica they say has been "healing"(stupid to attribute organic ability to an inorganic object).

I have long since known that the ozone hole fluctuated greatly mainly due to one of the most continuously active volcanoes on earth being inside the main weather pattern in the Antarctic region, and that the primary weather patterns; during our winter months I believe, the primary jet stream acts like a seal that bottles up the ozone depleting volcanic gasses over the Antarctic, and that pretty much explains why the hole waxes and wains so much during a year.

As far as the hole itself increasing and decreasing year to year because of global weather patterns it is likely difficult to say at best but again the jet stream acts to separate the northern hemisphere from the southern and the vast majority of industrial activity is in the northern hemisphere. So whatever the hell, industial sabotage or espionage or beastly manipulations were occurring back in the 60' was pretty much BS. Unfortunately it was BS that has cost the world trillions and probably has cost the lives of countless millions of people by forcing poverty upon a hundred nations. In other words environmentalist wackos living in the left---t ditch are just as guilty and responsible as the rich industrialist are as far as criminal negligence in murdering masses of people by policy.

I could mention several good things that have occured but no matter the good coin that eviro-whacknuts have accomplished by their activism they lost because of the deaths they have inadvertently caused. Worse they lie like dogs and are still in a serious state of denial about the lies they have commited too.

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