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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Euro on the ropes

Another day and time I would have been saying YA, YAHOO! Today I am saying there goes the factories. Well probably not with the world economy in dire straits and the European nations holding their breaths, hoping their won't be fallout, I get the feeling that some are secretly (no reference's here) cheering on the downfall.

I have no focal point to this article, in fact most of the time I don't.

Just saying.

In reference to the southern border. Obama might earn the nick 'Oblama' if these infiltrators do manage to set off a successful bomb attack. I know I will help spread that one. Oblama that is.

BETTTTer close the southern booorrrrder. Or BLAMB!

BTW if you can't tell I am pissed then let me tell you; I am pissed, because the idiots in government won't shut down illegal border hopping. An ounce of prevention stuff you know, actually it is probably to late.

On a really scary note. Yellowstone's dome did not shrink due to the recent earthquake storm. Could this be the big one. That would pretty much do in the U.S. if the Super Volcano blew. Out with a bang I would call it. More power than all the nukes man ever had. All at once. Blasting 600 cubic miles of material into the atmosphere would end all concerns of atmospheric pollution.

It would be just regular freaky if an ordinary volcano popped Yellowstone. Hey did you know that there have been multiple sensible earthquakes here in Oklahoma, between Tulsa and Oklahoma City, this year? Did you know that there is a magma plume a ways southeast of Yellowstone? That would truly be an observance of men(something to see) too see a volcano pop up right here in OK. Now that would be exciting.

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