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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Still heart breaking

That story about the 7 year old girl and her family. The first thing I want to say is after reading it, and dissecting it, I do not find in it where the police knocked and announced themselves. This no knock shit is must come to an end. I said; when they started this no knock shit bout 5 years ago in GA that trigger happy police were going to kill some innocent person, and/or some scared shit less innocent homeowner was going to kill a cop, all because what the FUCK would you do if your door suddenly crashed in and you lived in an at risk neighborhood. You know the kind where the likely hood is high that if someone was bashing in your door they were crooks and their intent was evil. The cops must assume that the homeowners are going to think that the cops are crooks and that the homeowners life and family is at stake. The cops must announce themselves JUST IN CASE THEY GOT THE WRONG HOUSE. Cause it 'do' happen. Often, and definitely in every major city every year. I could go on, and on, and on with 116,000 links to horror stories about peoples lives destroyed because of the sins of the cops and this country and government and the courts.

Now for the guilt that every idiot who supports a no knock warrant should have. This seven year old was guiltless. What could that seven year old have accomplished? The good, the people helped and the examples set. The peoples lives enhanced. The creativity of one person, one mind that is still open to learn all that is good. What is man going to miss? If you people think that maybe God took this person because she would have ended up evil, maybe you are right, maybe God wd'rather have had this perfectly innocent child with him than lose her to an wicked and evil world and later have had to throw them away to be burnt up and forgotten, and maybe that was his plan.
That is his plan in the end you know. To use up the evil and throw them out like so many Twinky wrappers with out remorse. Just throw them away in the incinerator and burn them like the refuse they are. Like trash. Cause that is all they are. And you are not going to have the excuse of, Why?! God I was a cop. No excuses at all. Pay up and change America or pay the price.

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