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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Huh? Look at the Civil unrest beginning to build.

Thailand, Greece. In fact over the last two or three months there have been more. Kind of makes a guy curious as to what s going on.

Remember the piece of catchphrase the old hippies used to use, "the establishment", I just discovered that it was first used In 1955 by a reporter trying to deflect the scrutiny away from two British defectors.

Well it looks like the establishment is on the ropes again. Only this time there is no escape, if you ask me. This crap could go on for a long time, but I am sure that, eventually people are going to come to the logical conclusion that something must be done to break people free to accomplish new things. I believe that logical conclusion will be attack the U.S.. Ya, I am saying invade the U.S.. Ya see that there Constitution of the United States is irreplaceable, and we are not going t be a replacing it. It is what gives the people Of the United states their backbone to stand up and throw the crap they get from the givment, back in the face of givment. The worlds problem is even though it is the only and ultimately; "logical conclusion", they don't realize is that there is an alternative solution. In two parts I will explain them. One: The U.S. elite; behind the scenes, intellectuals manipulating things have gotta get out of this narcissistic mode, of they manipulating the world. Two: Same goes for the worlds elites.... Two parts that equal the same thing. Everybody leaves everybody else alone. Sort of sink or swim thing but modified with everybody helps in natural disaster everybody else, but otherwise FO. There are some blockhead geniuses who are totally into, still trying to engineer the course of human events (I infer this from some of the 1 second off of midnight decisions that the officials in givment keep making. That is looking at it from a hopeful lite, the bad is they are purposely trying to manipulate or engineer the invasion). And I will reiterate, as Bugs Bunny used to say ; and I don't care how much respect they have endowed upon themselves, "what a" bunch of "maroons".

Let me enlighten you people where this all ends up at. Armageddon. (note:::: I am not using the probable vernacular, but the the much more controversial absolute vernacular, the really smart guys get it, but for the rest of you who have an IQ of less than 140 I will detail it for you a little. I am stating this not as a maybe or probability but as a factual gonna happen no matter what WTF anyone does.)

One of the last things that Jesus said was "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do". They don't know that the logical conclusions that they will come to is the only answer they can come up with because they completely negate matters of the spirit and faith. Every time everything appears to settle down and some sort of "control " appears to be settling in something else breaks loose. Every time that governments make an adjustment something else crops up. As hard as government and the establishment is trying too get ahead of the curve they are failing. The banks are failing and falling behind. Money is failing and falling behind. When I tell you that these troubles are only the beginning, I am not joking around. It is a strange quirk of fate that the same thing that keeps happening to me keeps happening in the world. Right about the time I have reached the plateau after a long hard struggle and think now I have it made, life takes a s--t and down my fortune goes again. Very strange indeed. It is also funny how it seems to be in-sink. Weird.
'It do' make me wonder if there is some sort of spiritual connection, but then I would be playing around with narcissism and delusion then wouldn't I? Oh well, if you think declaring me legally nougat would hep you, then fine. I'll take the free money, SSD(nut benefits). Wouldn't you? To the Atheists I have a picture in the upper left corner of my website which I really intend for you. There ain't much to be read into it but I assure you I am not your friend. So blow it out your bung hole. When I talk about matters of the spirit; in this country it is practicing my "religion" and also my Constitutional rights to free speech, and freedom of religion. Since we are not going to be a changing our constitution you'all are going to have to invade to get rid of it, then maybe you can have things your way. The moment the world embarks upon this endeavor they lose. That is a whole nuther story, uh sage, uh a beast of another kind........... Rather annoying and provocative.
Good! Mwha-ha-ha!

I said this before Obama and I am saying this for the next President. I wouldn't want to be in their shoes.

Watch and learn people. No matter what naysayers(Atheists) may say; Jesus is the answer, and the only answer.

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