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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I am going to coin a new phrase

My dad was a sailor and in the truest tradition of a sailor he swore like one. The air would turn blue and freeze so you could pick his words right up and put them in a fridge.

A bible verse puts it this way. raise a child up in the way he should go and in his old age he will return to it.

I had done a pretty good job through my 30 and forties of neutralizing my verbose mouth but now that I have reached my "senior years" it has returned with a vengeance. I however have not stopped battling the urge to cuss every limp dick and son of a bitch out. To help me in this personal war I have enlisted every known tool and prayer I can think of in Christendom. Now I am going to try this one. I have ceased using the word fuck and gone to bleeping out and uppercase number keys and recently ____ing. Now I think I will use just ing.

So when you see the word ing standing alone you may assume I meant fuck-ing.

I don't know if I ever told you that I know where the word f.u.c.k. comes from. Some call it etymology I think. You know the etymology of a word?

It is a very old acronym from British law enforcement, that they used to enter into the paper work, after having jailed a prostitute. They would write down, arrested for the charge of Female Using Carnal Knowledge.

As to the current condition of left ---t flingers. I think we can trace their ---t back to the American Atheist people created by Madalyn Murry O'hair. The only group of which I will say is behind all of the conspiracies and conspiracy theories. I believe now that they have been working in the background since the sixties. I think they go as far as even murder, assassination, character assassination, threats, bribery, blackmail and even trying to maintain or create prematurely, 666 the beast. I believe they have used every tool in the covert spy book to try and gain the upper hand including, enlisting the leftover communist plants, organized crime and organized labor and Als favorite pitting everyone off agianst each other while feigning innocence . I believe them to be the people who encourage the people that start the violence, in what would otherwise be peaceful protests. And when the scum-crats are in power are the shit behind what would otherwise be a decent party.

I could keep on going but you get the gist. I think that atheists are nuts, and are as a general rule pill popping group of nuts.

Atheists look at mankind as nothing more than smart animals and that would explain why the animalistic behaviorism being pushed and touted. You know if they truly let things be natural; here is where they fall in their philosophy, they would not support abortion but instead they support it to the hilt. If they were really about survival of the fittest they would leave everything well enough alone, and let all things fall where they may, but nooooo they got to machinate and manipulate behind the scenes trying to gengineer the world around to their way of thinking.

They have by their manipulations cost the lives of and estimated 70 million in China due to purges, and 30 to 40 million lives in the old Soviet Union, and getting way over 40 million here in the US by there UNGODLY support of abortion in the US.

Atheism isn't for civilization, because everywhere they take hold instead of a nation becoming more civilized they practically go back to some kind of savage and ancient Sodom and Gomorrian way of life.

So ing you atheists the world hates you ingers. The world is looking for a savior but they ain't looking for your kind of saving. You bunch of wannabe cave dwellers.

BTW their is a very powerful group of people who will not take kindly to being deceived into thinking that you ings were a part of the or of the beast and that of 666 ---t. In other words yous atheists are inged.

Maybe I should say that there are a few atheists who truly are live and let live but you know what? All the people who were live and let live God fearing people are crying out from the grave for justice. So all of atheisdom can just FO

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