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Monday, May 10, 2010

The sea is rising?

Over the last several thousand years the sea has receded. Wmwhaat? I thought the sea level was increasing. Yet here we have scientist confirming that apparently the sea level is not normal in fact it is obviously abnormal It is obviously too low. Well by all means we must fix that. Uh just kidding.

I saw a picture of the pass at Thermopylae; and in the old stories, books, and movies, there was the sea inlet on the one side, and mountain on the other, but today it is nothing but a filled in plain. Jeez, the sea really did recede. Thousands of years. Hmmmm. How much longer will these global warming al-armists keep saying the sky is falling.

I am going to render a guess. It is all about political power and nothing to do with reality. It is all about moola. Cash. Dan de dan de dan Bonanza. The green.

Nothing to do with the reality foh hey,

the world is going to go through it's cycles,

no matter what men may say or do, foh yeah.

But crazy capitalists will capitalize on anything,
if they can only spin it up the right way,
then they can make their wheat glued plains fly,,,,until it rains.

And now it is raining,

And their plains can't fly,

But they keep singing Bonanza,

Cause you know that nothing flies with out bazinga.

But the wild onion keeps growing in my back yard,

Many plants are edible,

Every war was about money and this one will be too.

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