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Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Ping Pong effect


You'll get the metaphor by reading the article.

In a gargantuan game of dollar dollar who's got the dollar,' oh we got thedollar'. We are trying to export the only thing we have left, da dolla. Why in the h e double l do we just not let the whole (I haven't come up with an ing word for GD yet) freaking thing crash and burn. Um.......well look at GRRReece for that answer. Why the whole world would drop into anarchy. Ahh, is the powers that be too scared to let that happen? What a efin; oops, I mean ingn mess. Of course after they get things going in the right direction again the European nations will have to sell off the excess doyers(little toddler said that one day at the office; doyers, still makes me smile) and PONG, unless, unless they figure something else out.

Mwha ha ha! As the dollar which had just begun to show some signs of strength......bazoomba, down she goes again. Well that is how it normally works anyway.

Ya have seen the outdoor water faucets they have at the roadside rest stops? They are all they way on or off. Ya ever try to get a drink out of one of them with your bare mouth. Well try that with about 5 gallons a minute at 40 psi. You don't get to much to drink because the water is blowing back out of your mouth faster you can gulp it down. What a waste of water. What a waste of money.

Here is a classified statement I intend to make out in the open. EASY ON THE ingen FLOW WILL YA. Sorry Father. Jesus the living Savior. Easy. Revamp your economic algorithms and smooth out the flow. Allow for some gradual up and downs and then you can be prepared for it(ups and downs), they're going to happen any way. Trying to stop them from happening just makes them worse, and for God's sake relax. Oh, btw just FYI tell the people what your doing or else yous politicians are going to have mighty short careers. Give it eight more years and all should be well for a day or two. Until then might as well sit back and enjoy the ride cause....I don't know...I know I am.

What am I doing, I don't want to help you S @ Gs out.

Bah, why should you listen to me anyway?

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