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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Trip down memory lane

I decided to take a run over to Boing Boing just to see what they have been up to and saw an article dealing with conspiracy theories. Having not established myself as an author but just another off beat blogger; I have decided to weigh in on another author who used to be a guest blogger on BB, who has now written a book on conspiracy theories including the Illuminati.

As is my custom of not reading many of the items that I comment on but inferring as a matter of course according to what I do know about what the world in general thinks, and it's propensity to insult God, I want to reiterate what I have written some hundreds or even thousands of articles ago.

The name Illuminati means the illuminated ones or more correctly followers of light, or even dwellers in the city of light. Now the world mainly and generally takes that to mean; smart guys, but there is a secondary meaning; light from within. I take the second meaning as the true meaning. Being a son of God all be it of the cursive kind I understand one thing for sure about light. It Come from Heaven, from God. There are a couple of verses in the Bible that cover this. One is in Job where God says, "Where were you when I made a way for the light?", and in Revelations Revelations 21:23, The lamb is the light of it. It being the city of new Jerusalem descending from Heaven.

I could go into greater detail as to what we do know; as men about light, how it is virtually weightless, and virtually timeless and how light does not conform to the general laws of this universe. But to the banal of the human race it does not fascinate them, and I am not interested in boring you, but maybe making you mad. You know pissing you off. Or I would prefer enlightening you or just getting you to think, hm.

Back to the primary item. Jesus says I shall make you kings, to the disciples. Note the vernacular. Future tense. Now we know that the apostles have passed on. Jesus is God, and therefore the things that he said have not passed away so the Apostles are still kings. Being a king in the Kingdom of Heaven is far more important than being a king on earth. Not going to explain that one either. Let's just say that to be alive in heaven is to be full of light. Ie., you will glow from within. You can't see that glow unless you have the spiritual eyes to see it. And Atheist will say BS. And I will say you ings are spiritually blind. Also I say that an excellent spirit moves with a member of the kingdom of Heaven. They will bring out the best in anyone, but there is also something about members of the kingdom of Heaven. They also make people mad. The; "I don't know why I am mad at them", kind of mad.

The final say. I am saying there are 11 men alive on earth today chosen by God to be his ultimate messengers. Some you may know but most you won't. These are the true Illuminati. Man does not pick them. God does. Men can't fire them because men have no say in God's will. And men cannot buy their way into becoming an illuminated. They have already been chosen and are kings from birth till they die.

One more thing. It is said that they control the flow of money. No not really, they have a seat with God and are able to directly beseech the Lord, and God controls the flow of money, manipulating logic. In other words God will create the circumstances whereby men will only logically have one decision. And the decisions they will make for the love of money will be horrible. In a strange way mankind will cause Armageddon because of money.

They are inherently good. Wish good and work for good. Generally doing good and encouraging every one to do good and be good. They are not necessarily perfect men, for they after all are only men, and as such subject to the temptations of men. But the old saying about Teflon coats. No evil sticks to them. They easily repent and forgive men's trespasses. But woe unto the man who tries to subjugate them for they will find themselves subjugated to what ever it is that they try to enslave with.

These eleven kings of the Kingdom of Heaven likely do not know for sure each other but they do know each others works and recognize the works of God.

It is said that they have the power of life and death. Yet they would not hurt a fly and bring far more life than death. They are both consummate warriors, and tireless peacemakers. Would much rather bless than curse. Quicker to bring grace and mercy than war. They are rich in the gifts of the spirit and can bless beyond measure, but when they make war they are always victorious. They have never lost, for God is with them.

Anything the world has to say against the true dwellers of light the true Illuminati, is cursed and brings the curse, even death. There are groups that think that knowledge is a symbolism of light but that is just wishful metaphoric thinking. Their are even groups that think that they can take on the name of Illuminati and go through some rituals and voila they become enlightened, again no. True dwellers of light are just that. Full of light and love. they are not backstabbing conniving bitches trying to rid the world of borders or manipulating masses of people with drugs or false religions or beliefs. These groups are false and do not understand God nor know him. Maybe there are organizations out there that would consider themselves the operators behind the Machiavellian machine and if there is and if they are, their works will lead to mega catastrophe and destruction. Maybe the so called 300 does exist and if they do maybe they are what we in America are fighting. I will tell you for sure if they do they are scared shit less about the Saints and prophets and the warriors of the Kingdom of Heaven. But I will reassure you they will fail miserably if they really think that they will win a worldwar level war of the world against the USA .

At any rate, only they can admonish each other, and only they can discipline each other and there is always a lead.

These are matters of the Spirit and as such it is expected that the flesh can not comprehend them. The spiritually minded can understand but to those who dwell in the earth it is garble.

If you want to find the master of all conspiracy theories you have to accept Jesus as your savior and willingly subject yourself to him and then you will begin to see. See how it all works to bring about the future. I say the future because the universes existence is but a wide spot in the road on the way to eternity.

Every day the future is one day closer, and still I wonder why people don't want to see what is beyond the horizon of forever, well not really.

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