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Thursday, May 13, 2010

God is killing the children of fornication and adultry

Revelations 2:20 -2:23 Talks about Jezebel and what Jesus is going to do to her and her children. Rev. 2:23 in particular; Jesus says, that he will kill Jezebels children.

I cannot say for sure if abortion plays a part in what is happening concerning the bible; but in placing my belief as an overlay that is that God is in absolute control, the reason we as Christians are having so much trouble getting rid of legalized abortion in this country may be because Jesus is killing the children of fornication and adultery. More interestingly I wrote an article supporting and supported by many independent opinions; even Rush Limbaugh, the great right wing pundit. The subject was, what if there was no abortion; and those 40-50 million children had of been born, the Democrats would have been in continuous power thanks to the increased number of votes they would have had. The greatest proportion of people who get an abortion also are voters for the left would have raised their children to be liberals.

In other words the reason we can't get rid of abortion is because it is God's will.

Any way what got me started thinking on the subject was an article from Crosswalk on the recent nominee to the Supreme Court and her anti-abortion stance.

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