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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

When you make people do what they don't want to

When things get better they will move on. All that time and labor used to train them......well they will take with them. I have been a big proponent of bringing people up from with in a corporation. There has been over the last 20 years a problem with that. The dope in this country has made for a huge number of lying ass employees. In fact co-workers turning on each other is likely the main reason people change jobs. Surveys have long since shown that hostile work places are the primary reason people have quit or been fired and no one seems to know what to do about it; even though laws have been enacted, and billions upon billions have been spent trying to understand and mitigate the problem.

Now I am going to make a prophetic utterance on the matter. The majority of the people today in the U.S. have become spoiled.

Corporations cannot change the fact that the culture of America has gone sour. People have more and more become bullies both physically and verbally. That is because there is no coherence socially. We in fact in this country have been at war socially probably since the 60's, and ever since Ronald Reagen left office back in 1989 January the war has become intense.

The coherence that was developed around Jesus and his principles of; turning the other cheek and do unto others, is being replaced with the get revenge for yourself at all costs mentality of the world and that is not good. The only reason we have not collapsed completely is because of one document and one only. The Constitution of the United States of America.

Buck up people stand strong we will win back our, bust your kids butts so they don't become bullies country.

My sis said (she works with kids)she got in the strangest conversation with a group of kids. They were talking about sitting around smoking a joint with their parents. That falls under the heading of Holy........shit. The whole god-damned group of kids. Holy shit. That southern border must be shut off. We got enough problems without having to deal with nationally without having to also deal with drug induced mental illness. Holy shit.

This nation has lost it's way because the people have lost their way. This is why we are going to get invaded. Profits demand a not mentally ill work force. Profits demand a not drug induced mentally ill workforce.

There is a reason why illegal drugs are illegal. We the people have a responsibility to be a mentally stable work force so as to maintain a stable dollar because in spite of the fact that the worlds economies have become uncertain, they are depending upon the stability and strength of the dollar to help pull themselves out of economic instability. In spite of the huge competition from the Euro, and China's Economy the dollar is still the preferred standard of value.

The strength of the dollar rest squarely on the backs of the honest hard working U.S. labor force.......only. Not on the Government. Not on Corporations. Not on the States. Just "we the people".

Finish the fence and mega patrol it you dork wad president. Finish the fence you dork democrats.

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