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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gulf oil spill biggest ever, no kidding Sherlock.

Nice to be vindicated in my personal feelings. The eco damage is worse than a nuclear detonation, done to a commie democrat president. That is going to be an oh hohoho crack down on safety regulations. Mha ha ha!

In the meantime while congress votes aginst the 'don't talk don't tell', military regs which allows for gays to be in the military on a bill which may actually decrease gay enlistment on a count of who would want to take a shower with someone you wouldn't fuck leering at your junk, which makes you want to smack the shit out of him( yeah we had a guy we called rooster(chicken choker) in basic, who popped his pud under the blankets before lights out every night, open for all to see and then bawled his eyes out cause we gave him shit over it.). We also had a guy who had the nick, snake. Of course Juffre made the funniest statement about him, about how one day when he noticed he thought a snake had gotten in the shower and had the sudden need to get out a bat and beat that sucker(the snake). If you don't get that I ain't going any further in description.

As always I got off the course of my philippic (yeah I went to the thesaurus for that one). While congress votes on queers in the military, Barack sends Hillary out for sensitive (code for slow) negotiations over the North Korean affair while North and South Korea think about going all out in a duel to the death, which could drag the rest of the world into ARMAGEDDON.

I said; GET OUT THE STICK YOU FUMBLE-O-CRAT. Pull it out but don't say you got it out. Their intelligence service will see it and tell their leaders it is out. Pull it out and mean it, not pull it out like you mean it, but mean it. It is the silent version of "make my day". I hope you do cause I am tired of your shit Mr. North Korea, and this time we are going to blow your stupid shittin asses off the face of earth.

In another note China gives the Euro a bone. Too bad their is no meat on it, the Europeans are going to be hungry again soon, besides it just delays the inevitable. I will let the reader decide what that means.

I feeel good, na na na nant, the way that I should now, nanana nant.

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